You are already successful in your own way or have made a name for yourself, but life has knocked you, and now you are feeling stuck, disconnected, overwhelmed and you have lost confidence. What you had planned or where you thought you would be is not where you find yourself. You are at crossroads, and you are questioning your capabilities. Eunice will give you the tools, the plan, and strategies that she has used to rebuild her own life and relaunch her business. She will help you explore new opportunities and the endless possibilities in your life at this point although you cannot see them. Eunice understands where you are right now, having gone through this herself. She realises the importance of a life renovation/rebuilding plan to transform your life sustainably and holistically.


About YOU!


You will be the designer of your own life! You are a conscious, entrepreneur or a professional ready to re-direct and transform your life in a holistic way. Deep down you know that your life could change for the better, but you do not know the best possible action to take.


Eunice is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and the true definition of a modern-day renaissance woman. She has changed lives of those she’s crossed paths within her career be it in designing, home and event styling or coaching. Her work is based on her professional knowledge gained from years of training, and her personal experience. Eunice believes in a whole new way of being to allow you to live a boundless life.

Eunice is a mother, grandmama, business owner, a writer, a leader, and an advocate for women’s health in entrepreneurial and workspaces. She will inspire, empower, and support you in creating the life you want now. Eunice is your catalyst.


Following a career in accounts Eunice found her multi-faceted design studio  seventeen  years ago where her team and herself created beautiful and functional living and working spaces for her clients. Ten years ago she launched home and event styling service to complement her design projects. Following life changing events five years ago she  added personal wellbeing  and mindset coaching to her skills. In recent years Eunice’s focus is on coaching and helping female entrepreneurs and professionals  to live their best life boundlessly.


Eunice’s approach to coaching is different, it is holistic focusing on the whole person because life is multi-dimensional. Holistic approach helps her clients reach their goals through personal development, growth and by considering their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. This approach stems from Eunice’s own journey and experience which helped her and has worked for her clients.

Working for yourself comes with challenges, and whatever life throws at you can be challenging too. Understanding this is what drives her passion to help others. Eunice brings a blend of unique skillsets to her coaching studio to help you to cultivate more conscious ways of being.

Eunice understands the importance of mind-body-spirit connectedness in creating life balance and harmony to achieve your goals and live a boundless fulfilled life. With the right mindset you can create environments that inspires you daily and they  should facilitate a sense of inner cleansing and peace.



With many roles, my life might have changed but I have not


Deep understanding  of the mind-body-spirit connectedness


Self-compassion, contribution to providing clarity and structure


Imagination and curiosity to bring something to being

"helped me gain clarity and confidence"

"I was stuck for a long time and Eunice’s calm and positive energy has helped me gain clarity and confidence to make decisions. Having worked with Eunice before this time she helped me again to embrace my new path holistically. I highly recommend Eunice if you’re feeling stuck and looking for help with the best strategy and taking action to get the results you’re looking for. "

Valerie - Oxford 


Empowering individuals to cultivate life fulfiLment and sustainable success through holistic coaching.


Guiding individuals to re-discover their purpose to lead a balanced AND meaningFUL LIFE  WITH joy.  


Why work with Eunice?

Eunice has put her own unique approach into practice paired with her personal experience, she can help you to unlock your potential. She will help you to re-discover your passion and re-design the life you want now and live a boundless life.